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TelePhysio — Online Physiotherapy St. Albert

Treat your pain in the comfort and safety of your own home. Our physiotherapists are able to remotely help manage your pain with at home exercises and self-treatment techniques.

In response to COVID-19 and social distancing measures, we are proud to introduce our new online physiotherapy services as an alternative to in-person appointments.

Don’t live life in pain — call us today at: (780) 459-1066 or fill out our contact form to schedule your online appointment.

What is online physiotherapy?

Online physiotherapy, also called telephysio or telerehabilitation, is like a private Skype or Facetime call but with a program that is strictly used for medical appointments. There are a few obvious limitations and we know that online physiotherapy is not the best way to assess and treat everything, but it is a great alternative to help manage pain or injury when in-person appointments aren’t possible. We understand it’s not for everyone or for every medical issue, but it can certainly be helpful for many people depending on their problem. Even if it’s one or two appointments to learn about stretches or exercises, how to set up your home office/workstation, or other ideas on how to properly manage your pain — we can help!

Give us a call and speak with one of our physiotherapists to find out more.

What we offer during an online physiotherapy appointment

Through our online physiotherapy appointments, we provide effective assessments to figure out what problem is causing your injury and determine the severity of your injury. Our online treatments are extremely helpful in that we can answer any questions that you have, show you self-treatment techniques, and provide effective stretches and exercises to help relieve pain. Some examples of what we can treat through online physiotherapy are:

  • Whiplash
  • Lower back pain
  • Upper back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Strained or pulled muscles
  • Sprained ligaments (ankles ,knees, shoulders)
  • Bulging or herniated disc (lower back or neck)
  • Pinched nerves
  • TMJ disorders
  • Rotator Cuff injuries
  • Tendonitis (achilles, rotator cuff, tennis elbow, golfers elbow)
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Arthritis
  • Women’s Health Issues

Our TelePhysio Platform

We’re using an online platform called Insig Health – Virtual Care. It’s both secure and safe to use. It’s HIPAA and PHIPA compliant and is used by doctors throughout Canada and the United States.

How do I book my online physiotherapy appointment?

If you’re ready to book your online physiotherapy appointment, please give us a call at (780) 459-1066. During your call, we’ll discuss what we’ll cover during our appointment and the date and time.

These are the steps to set up and begin your appointment:

  1. Step One — Once you’ve made an appointment with us over the phone, you’ll receive an email or text right away confirming that your appointment has been booked. Within this email or text (and only with the first online physiotherapy appointment), there will be a “Medical Intake Form” link that you’ll need to click on. It will take you to a “Medical History and Informed Consent” form which you’ll need to read, sign, and submit before your first appointment. After your first appointment, you won’t need to sign this again!
  2. Step Two — We’ll call you 5-10 minutes prior to your online physiotherapy appointment to go through any questions you may have and to make sure you connect with your physiotherapist. While we have you on the phone, we’ll ask for your insurance plan information and take payment. With any online appointments that can’t be direct billed through your benefit plan, we’ll go through Mastercard or VISA.
  3. Step Three — You’ll then receive an email or text at the time of your appointment which will have the link that will connect you directly to the video call.

Give us a call today at (780) 459-1066 when you’re ready to book. We’re ready to connect you with your physiotherapist through our online platform!

What do I need for my online physiotherapy appointment?

You don’t need a whole lot! You simply need a cellphone, tablet, laptop, or PC with a working camera and microphone, and a decent WiFi connection. However, here are some other things to consider to get the most value out of your appointment:

  • Have a fully charged device or make sure it’s plugged in!
  • Use a private and quiet room with no distractions, an open space to move around with a chair and a place to lie down (depending on the service).
  • Have a place to prop up your phone or tablet so that you can move and still be seen by the physiotherapist when you are sitting in the chair and lying down.
  • Make sure your speakers and microphone are turned on and not muted (your device will usually prompt you when you are connecting to a video conference call, so make sure you “allow” your device to use the speakers/microphone).
  • Wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes to be able to move easily and possibly show the area of the body that is sore (if needed).

Frequently Asked Questions

We know this can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve laid out everything you need to know below.


How much does TelePhysio cost? 

The cost of our online physiotherapy appointments is the same as our regular physiotherapy assessment or treatment. Please see our rates here.

How do we pay?

Benefit plans or insurance plans will often cover all or a portion of your online physiotherapy session — we can direct bill most insurance companies. If there’s an amount that your plan doesn’t cover, we can’t direct bill to your insurance company, or if you don’t have any insurance, then we take payment with Mastercard or VISA over the phone before your appointment starts. We do not keep credit card numbers on file unless you approve it.

It’s good for you to know what services your benefit plan covers, how much it covers, and what the cap is. We recommend looking up this information before your first appointment if you’re unsure. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to find out any of the details of your plan’s coverage since it pertains to your personal information and the insurance customer service agent will not give our staff any of these details nor does our electronic billing program have any of this information.

Is their funding through Alberta Health Services (AHS) for TelePhysio?

Alberta Health Services (AHS) has yet to approve TelePhysio, so at this point the government is not funding any TelePhysio appointments across the province and the cost of the Physiotherapy sessions will be the responsibility of the client.

We are waiting anxiously for an announcement from AHS to begin funding TelePhysio and we encourage you to notify your MLA and Physiotherapy Association & College of Alberta to help accelerate the process.


Is it confusing or hard to log on to the video conferencing?

No, not at all!  In fact, you don’t even need to log on. You’ll be sent a text or email with a link to click and it will take you directly to the video appointment.

The text or email that will be sent after you’ve made your first appointment, will contain a link to a consent form that you’ll need to read, sign, and submit electronically. You won’t need to fill out this form for any other appointments afterwards. We’ll also phone you shortly before your appointment to make sure that you’re doing okay with getting connected, ask for any other information needed, and to receive payment if needed.

What happens if we get cut off?

This doesn’t happen very often but if it were to happen then our therapist will give you a call and we’ll re-attempt the video connection. After troubleshooting, if no further video connection can be made we’ll rebook you for another time and you’ll either receive a refund or a credit for your next appointment.

What if I’m having an emergency?

We always ask that someone be at home with you when you have an online physiotherapy appointment so they can provide assistance as needed. We’ll also have collected your personal information (phone number, address, and emergency contact information) and we’d call the first responders and/or your emergency contact person.

Our physiotherapists would never ask anyone to do anything that would put them at risk, so an emergency situation during an online physiotherapy appointment would be extremely rare.

What happens if I can’t hear my physiotherapist, or my physiotherapist can’t hear me?

To help prevent your physiotherapist from not hearing you, turn your computer off and on for a good length of time before your appointment begins.

Make sure your speakers are not on mute or are turned up loud enough to hear. Go to the settings of your device and make sure the speakers are turned on. As well, when you are in the video conference, there will be a microphone icon at the bottom of the video screen, make sure it is turned “on.” After you’ve clicked the link to go to the video conference appointment, your device will likely ask you if you want to “Allow” the microphone and video to be used. Click “Allow.”

What happens if my physiotherapist can’t see me?

To help prevent your physiotherapist from not seeing you, turn your computer off and on for a good length of time before your appointment begins, then go to the settings of your device, and make sure the video camera is turned on.

When you are in the video conference, there will be a video camera icon at the bottom of the video screen, make sure it is turned “on.” After you’ve clicked the link to go to the video conference appointment, your device will likely ask you if you want to “Allow” the microphone and video to be used. Click “Allow.”

How do I prevent the video from freezing, lagging, glitching?

To help prevent the video stream from freezing, lagging or glitching, turn your computer off and on for a good length of time before your appointment begins. Make sure others around you on the same network aren’t downloading anything as it may slow down the connection.

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