Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy near Barrhead

Driving all the way to Edmonton from Barrhead for an appointment can be frustrating, the traffic is a pain and there’s always construction. Instead of going all the way into Edmonton – how about St. Albert and skip the traffic?

Our physiotherapy clinic is conveniently located on the north side of St. Albert with easy access from Highway 2. At Summit Physiotherapy we take the time to listen to your concerns, by creating customized wellness plans for each individual client. We’ll work every step of the way with you until you’re feeling better.

Summit Physiotherapy is located across the street from the Sturgeon Community Hospital, in the Summit Centre on the 2nd floor. There is plenty of free parking at the front of the building. Directions:

  • Head south on Grizzly Trail/AB-33 S
  • Sharp left onto AB-651 E
  • Turn left onto AB-651 E
  • Turn right onto AB-44 S
  • Turn left onto AB-37 E
  • Merge onto AB-2 S via the ramp to Edmonton
  • Turn left on Boudreau Rd E

To book an appointment you can call us at 780-459-1066 or fill out our online booking form.