Safety on the Slopes: Common Injuries & How to Avoid Them

Winter is a magical time of year for skiers and snowboarders who relish the opportunity to carve up the slopes or zip through fresh powder. Unfortunately, both novice and experienced athletes alike are at risk of being injured by the sports they love. Here are a few of the most common injuries on the slopes and what you can do to keep having fun all season long.


Top Five Activities to Keep Your Family Healthy This Winter

Sub-zero temperatures make it tempting to cuddle up on the couch with Netflix and comfort food. While it’s normal to feel sluggish in the winter, kids and adults alike need to be active to stay healthy.

This winter, resist the urge to hibernate and head outside for active, family fun. St. Albert and the greater Edmonton area has plenty of winter activities all season long. Here are a few ideas for families looking to keep moving when the temperatures dip.