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Stroke Recovery: What Role Does Physiotherapy Play and How Can Summit Help?

The time following a stroke can be stressful and overwhelming for a person suffering from a stroke and for their family. Patients are already adjusting to huge changes in their body. They require clear direction and care from a cohesive medical team to maximize their chances of a full recovery. The variety of treatments and comprehensiveness of care can be immense. We have put together this month’s article to give patients and their loved ones an idea of the road to recovery; and where Summit fits in to this long-term process.

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Preventing Soccer Injuries

After a month of watching athletes from around the world vying for top spot in the FIFA World Cup, lots of people, adults and children alike, will be looking to lace up a pair of cleats and play.

Wherever you fall on the recreational to pro player scale, soccer is an excellent way to stay healthy. Did you know that during a game, the average player can run up to, or more than, ten kilometers? The mileage amount varies based on position of the player (and the skill level) but even goalkeepers have been known to run almost 5km during a 90 minute match. Even if you’re playing in a recreational soccer league — you can expect to be running a lot.

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How To Use A Foam Roller

Updated: September 2022

Getting back into shape? Training for a marathon? Love hitting the gym? No matter your fitness journey, adding a foam roller to your home fitness routine is a great idea: they’re inexpensive, easy to use, and can provide relief for sore muscles.

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When Is Being Sore Not a Good Sign?

We all have friends who love the feeling of sore muscles that result from a challenging and strenuous workout. Usually this feeling is delayed onset muscle soreness that results from the breakdown and rebuilding of muscles that occurs during exercise. This type of soreness typically isn’t something a person needs to worry about, although it is a great reason to visit one of our amazing massage therapists!

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Looking for Summit Physiotherapy?

Looking for Summit Physiotherapy? You’re in the right place, we’ve just undergone a little make-over. Our new logo and website are meant to better represent the services we provide, and help educate all our valued clients on the variety of work we do. We hope you enjoy the new look, …

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