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Do Healthy People Need Physiotherapists?

Do healthy people need physiotherapists? Yes! Many people only think to visit a physiotherapist after they have been injured and need to seek rehabilitative treatments. However, a physiotherapist is a great addition to the life of a healthy, non-injured person as well. In fact — preventative care can substantially reduce the risk of injury!

Summit’s team of experienced physiotherapists can help keep you healthy by developing an exercise and stretching plan that is tailored specifically to your fitness needs. At your first meeting we discuss your goals and then create an at-home program that will keep you healthy, strong, and flexible. Or, if being out in the gym is more your style, we can give you guidance on formatting the perfect workout or choosing group classes to suit your needs.

Visiting your physiotherapist before you’re in pain has many benefits. Staying active and stretching daily can go a long way towards preventing injuries. The stronger your muscles are, the more easily you are able to weather life’s bumps and bruises without ill effect. Not only that, but in the unfortunate circumstances that a serious injury is sustained, active individuals generally experience a shorter recovery period than their sedentary counterparts.

If you’re interested in seeing how Summit can help you develop a healthier and stronger version of yourself, call us to book your appointment today!