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Our Top Picks for Autumn Run Routes

The leaves are falling, kids are back in school and you’re coming down from a non-stop, action-packed summer. Don’t let the frigid first days of fall stop you from staying active. It is a great excuse to create (or maintain) a running routine, which will keep you warm and healthy well into the autumn season.

We have put together something a bit different this month to inspire you to go out for a run. We have chosen our favourite running route in each of the areas we serve: St. Albert, Barrhead, Westlock, Gibbons and Morinville. Additionally, we created a fun, upbeat playlist for you.

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Improve Your Golf Game by Improving Your Core

Before you shell out a couple thousand dollars on a new set of clubs, consider working on your core stability for a better return on investment. The core area is oftentimes the weakest part of a golfer’s body. Without strong, engaged muscles in your mid-region, (stomach, hips, butt and lower back), you cannot execute a swing that is powerful and technically sound. Stability in your stance is essential for a good driving technique. With good core stability, you can wind your body to generate the force necessary for distance, without losing the alignment necessary for accuracy. These five stability exercises will help you improve your golf game.

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Sports Massage to Improve Performance

Athletes are always looking for ways to sharpen their competitive edge. Sports massage continues to be a popular supplement to precise training methods and a careful diet for athletes of all abilities. A specialized, vigorous form of soft tissue massage, sports massage focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Massages are specially tailored to athletes, to focus on the areas of the body that are strained from overuse in repetitive and aggressive movements playing sports. Massage Therapists trained in sports massage use a variety of techniques such as stretching, relaxation, cross-fiber friction, pressure point release and joint mobilization to target the specific muscle groups used in a particular sport.

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The Dreaded Summer Sports Injury

This past weekend has been a welcome reminder of the outdoor possibilities for activity during the warm, breezy summer months. With the rest of June, July and August just around the corner, the options for outdoor play… and injury are numerous. We have put together a list of the three most common summertime injuries with some helpful tips to protect yourself this upcoming season.

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Running Without Injury: A Guide to Traditional vs. Minimalistic Approaches

The first sights and smells of spring are creeping out from behind the grey, igniting that yearly feverish desire to come out and play. With rising temperatures and melting snow, it’s the perfect time to rev up your body for the outdoor running season. To help you with your preparations, we’ve put together some tips on how to avoid jogging injuries so that you don’t have to visit us later in the season.

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Prevent Golf Injuries

Golf season is in full swing and if you’ve been teeing off regularly, you might be feeling a little bit more soreness than normal in your back, your neck, your elbows and/or your knees.

The constant twisting, swinging, and bending during a golf game means a lot of golfers have sore backs. If you already suffer from back pain, the repetitive movements in a golf game can exacerbate that soreness. Luckily, increasing your core strength and stretching can help prevent back pain. Incorporating core and stability exercises as well as hip, legs and low back stretches into your current workout routine will go a long way in keeping you ache free.

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