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Golfer’s Elbow: Causes, Treatments, & Prevention Tips

Golf season is in full swing and if you’ve been teeing off regularly, you may find yourself experiencing discomfort in your elbows — but don’t worry! Golfer’s elbow is a common problem that many golfers encounter. With a little dedication and proactive measures, you can effectively alleviate the pain and …

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Our Top Picks For Fall Running Routes

Updated: October 4, 2023

The leaves are falling, kids are back in school and you’re coming down from a non-stop, action-packed summer. Don’t let the frigid first days of fall stop you from staying active. It is a great excuse to create (or maintain) a running routine, which will keep you warm and healthy well into the autumn season.

We have put together something a bit different this month to inspire you to go out for a run. We have chosen our favourite running routes in St. Albert and one from each of the other areas we serve (Barrhead, Westlock, and Gibbons).

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How Does Sports Massage Therapy Improve Athletic Performance?

Updated March 13, 2024

A sports massage is not your typical full-body massage. Sports massage therapy is a no-nonsense approach designed to target trouble areas and trigger points to improve athletic ability and prevent injuries. This type of massage is popular amongst athletes looking to sharpen their competitive edge but is also useful for anyone looking to maintain an active lifestyle while preventing injuries.

Sports massage therapy can be a great supplemental part of your training plan, or simply a way to treat muscle aches and pains so you can remain active and injury-free! Interested in exploring the benefits firsthand? Schedule a sports massage session with us and discover the transformative effects it can have on your overall well-being and athletic performance.

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