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Your Upcoming Treatment And The Coronavirus

Updated: Regarding the provincial mandate released March 27th, we are to remain open for anyone considered urgent or for emergencies. For other new or ongoing clients, we are going to be offering video conference appointments (telehealth or telerehabilitation).

Here at Summit Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy our clients come first! Every injury, no matter how big or how small is cause for concern and deserves treatment. However, this is a stressful time and we must protect the health and safety of everyone involved, meaning we are continuing to keep our physical clinic location open for only those people that require urgent care.

Am I an urgent patient?

To know if you’re considered an urgent patient we request that you contact us by phone or by email. We will ask you a series of questions that help us understand whether or not you are an urgent patient

What is considered urgent?

As mentioned previously, our team believes every injury and pain deserves treatment. However, we are limiting the number of patients to help enforce strict physical distancing measures and to limit the risk of exposure and spread of COVID-19. The priority of our patients is determined by new COVID-19 guidelines put in place by our regulating authorities, the Physiotherapy Association & College of Alberta. They state that physiotherapy services are only considered urgent:

  1. If services cannot be provided using an alternate form of delivery, such as telerehabilitation. 


  1. If the patient, in the absence of physiotherapy services, will require health-care services in an emergency department setting (i.e. severe pain requiring physician intervention or prescription medication).
  2. If the patient is an essential service provider (i.e. health care provider, first responder) who is unable to work  due to an acute injury or exacerbation or a pre-existing condition, whether that injury is WCB compensable or not.
  3. If the patient is seeking services related to a recent surgery or removal of a cast/immobilizer.
  4. If the patient’s functional status, in the absence of physiotherapy services, will deteriorate to the point of requiring invasive management or hospitalization in the foreseeable future.

For any of you who have concerns about visiting our clinic please contact us for more information. Our phone lines are open and we are at the ready to hear any and all of your concerns regarding treatment.

Keeping our clinic clean

The health and safety of our clients and staff has always been our clinic’s top priority!

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak here in Alberta, our goal is to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in our clinic, our community, and the surrounding areas. Our clinic will currently remain open for urgent patients (see above), but we want to keep you informed about the steps we are taking to not only follow all of Alberta Health Service’s precautions but to go above and beyond to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We’ve put in place the following recommendations from AHS to our clinic:

Our team will continue to keep our clinic clean and disinfected regularly with the addition of sanitizing high traffic areas. These high traffic areas include, our front desk and reception area (i.e. front desk, debit machine, chairs, doorknobs, shoe horns, and all items in the waiting room).

  • We will continue to disinfect all other areas and equipment involved in client care, for example, each treatment room (i.e bed, bolster, pillows, call bell and chair) and all fitness equipment and physiotherapy tools.
  • Other steps we’ve taken to protect the safety of our clients are to provide access to hand sanitizer throughout our entire clinic including the front desk and the waiting room area.
  • We’ve also spread apart our waiting room chairs to ensure there is a one-meter distance between each chair (as per AHS recommendations), utilizing the hallway to do this.
  • Removing all magazines and reading material to slow down the risk of infection.
  • Remind and inform clients and staff to take part in preventative hygiene methods to minimize any potential risk of infection.
  • Encourage clients and staff to stay at home if they are feeling ill.
  • Leaving our front door open to avoid the use of the doorknob.

With these recommendations put in place, we feel confident that we can continue to provide excellent and safe client care, but we will continuously monitor the situation and update you if anything changes.

Stay healthy and look out for one another!

Chad Burden

Owner and Physiotherapist