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Sports Massage

Unless you’re a professional athlete, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever receive a sports massage in its truest form. As amazing as it would be to have a massage therapist at every game to help you warm up and cool down, it isn’t a reality for most people.

Massage therapy still offers plenty of benefits for athletes from the most casual to the super elite. Every athlete should consider incorporating regular massages into their fitness routine.

Massage therapy can help improve an athlete’s comfort and performance levels during training and during games. Massage increases blood flow to the muscles which helps them recover more quickly, with less pain, allowing the athlete to get back on the field feeling strong and rested. Massage therapy helps to alleviate tension and stress in the muscles, playing a significant role in injury prevention.

If you sustain a sports injury, massage therapy can be an integral part of the recovery process. Registered massage therapists have a comprehensive knowledge of the human anatomy that enables them to quickly identify and treat issues that if left undiagnosed could lead to further pain or additional injuries.

Even if you won’t ever make a million bucks playing the sport you love, we want to help you feel like a million bucks while you’re playing. Book an appointment with one of Summit’s registered massage therapists today.