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Julie Kereliuk

Registered Massage Therapist | RMT

Experience a higher level of well-being and discover the freedom of living pain-free with Julie’s expert care. She practices with a deep commitment to improving her client’s quality of life by keeping people active through using effective therapeutic techniques for various issues resulting from motor vehicle accidents, sports, surgeries and chronic pain. Julie empowers individuals to engage in daily activities with ease and without discomfort.

Whether it’s bending and moving without discomfort, enjoying a pain-free workout, or simply being able to perform routine tasks with more freedom, Julie’s personalized approach delivers tangible results that positively impact your everyday life.

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Qualifications & Experience

  • Worked with the Edmonton (EE) CFL football team recovery clinic
  • Massage therapist for the Edmonton Police Services
  • Experience and specific training in Massage Therapy for people living with cancer
  • Experience and training in Massage Therapy for seniors

Areas of Expertise

Julie has a wealth of experience in treating injuries at various stages of healing. She specializes in addressing issues arising from car accidents, sports-related injuries, chronic pain, and work-related concerns, as well as injury prevention through massage therapy.

Julie utilizes a diverse range of techniques, including:

  • Therapeutic massage
  • Deep tissue
  • Injury Prevention massage
  • TMJ disorders
  • Seniors massage
  • Sports massage (Pre and Post Event)
  • RAPID Neurofascial reset
  • Trigger point therapy
  • Scar tissue release
  • Myofascial release
  • Relaxation massage

What is RAPID Neurofascial Reset Therapy?

RAPID is a manual therapy technique that is effective in treating chronic and acute pain as well as improving limited mobility and stiffness. It addresses the central nervous system’s role in alleviating pain, tension and restrictions within muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and nerves. Hypersensitive areas are treated by combining precise direct tension with very specific movements. Every session is a combination of examination and manual therapy treatment. The goal is to resolve pain, improve range of motion and flexibility, and reduce inflammation.

Simply put, RAPID Neurofascial Reset Therapy enables the therapist to influence the nervous system, through highly sensitive nerve fibers to “reset” muscle tone, tension, pain and restore quality of life through pain management and improved movement. Clients choose RAPID for its rapid response and its ability to get you back on track — fast!

Curious about RAPID Neurofascial Reset Therapy? Contact us today for more information on this innovative technique.

Client Experiences

“I was very impressed with my treatment from Julie for massage therapy.
She worked on issues that I had been having for a long time and was able to relieve a lot of my ongoing pain. Julie is very personable and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend her services. Chad on the reception desk was friendly and efficient. Clean and relaxing atmosphere.” – Denise

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