Stroke Recovery

Physiotherapy can help patients who have suffered a stroke regain mobility and function. Stroke recovery plans incorporate different techniques to ensure speedy rehabilitation.

Improve Your Golf Game by Improving Your Core

Before you shell out a couple thousand dollars on a new set of clubs, consider working on your core stability for a better return on investment. The core area is oftentimes the weakest part of a golfer’s body. Without strong, engaged muscles in your mid-region, (stomach, hips, butt and lower back), you cannot execute a swing that is powerful and technically sound. Stability in your stance is essential for a good driving technique. With good core stability, you can wind your body to generate the force necessary for distance, without losing the alignment necessary for accuracy. These five stability exercises will help you improve your golf game.


Stroke Recovery: What role does Physiotherapy play and how can Summit help?

The time following a stroke can be stressful and overwhelming for a person suffering from a stroke and for their family. Patients are already adjusting to huge changes in their body. They require clear direction and care from a cohesive medical team to maximize their chances of a full recovery. The variety of treatments and comprehensiveness of care can be immense. We have put together this month’s article to give patients and their loved ones an idea of the road to recovery; and where Summit fits in to this long-term process.