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How to Help Seasonal Headaches

Autumn is a beautiful time of year, but many people suffer from seasonal migraines and headaches due to allergies and changes in weather. Most people will reach for ibuprofen or something similar to relieve the symptoms, but there are other options available that can get to the root cause of your problem.

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Sports Massage to Improve Performance

Athletes are always looking for ways to sharpen their competitive edge. Sports massage continues to be a popular supplement to precise training methods and a careful diet for athletes of all abilities. A specialized, vigorous form of soft tissue massage, sports massage focuses on the musculoskeletal system. Massages are specially tailored to athletes, to focus on the areas of the body that are strained from overuse in repetitive and aggressive movements playing sports. Massage Therapists trained in sports massage use a variety of techniques such as stretching, relaxation, cross-fiber friction, pressure point release and joint mobilization to target the specific muscle groups used in a particular sport.

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TMJ Dysfunction: What It Is and How Summit Physiotherapy Can Help!

[tem-puh-roh-man-dib-yuh-ler] Joint Dysfunction

Now that you can pronounce it, don’t you want to know what it means?

TMJ, Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, is a common dysfunction that affects the area around the jaw. Pain felt in the TMJ can be traced to issues in the surrounding muscles, ligaments, myofascial tissue, disc, joint capsule, or even degraded cartilage around the jaw. If you have been experiencing headaches, toothaches, dizziness or head pain anywhere from your teeth to around your eyes, you could be suffering from TMJ dysfunction. Although about 20-30% of the adult population is troubled by this disorder, many sufferers of this common disruption go without treatment. Don’t let this be you!

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Stroke Recovery: What Role Does Physiotherapy Play and How Can Summit Help?

The time following a stroke can be stressful and overwhelming for a person suffering from a stroke and for their family. Patients are already adjusting to huge changes in their body. They require clear direction and care from a cohesive medical team to maximize their chances of a full recovery. The variety of treatments and comprehensiveness of care can be immense. We have put together this month’s article to give patients and their loved ones an idea of the road to recovery; and where Summit fits in to this long-term process.

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Sports Massage

Unless you’re a professional athlete, it’s highly unlikely that you will ever receive a sports massage in its truest form. As amazing as it would be to have a massage therapist at every game to help you warm up and cool down, it isn’t a reality for most people.

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When Is Being Sore Not a Good Sign?

We all have friends who love the feeling of sore muscles that result from a challenging and strenuous workout. Usually this feeling is delayed onset muscle soreness that results from the breakdown and rebuilding of muscles that occurs during exercise. This type of soreness typically isn’t something a person needs to worry about, although it is a great reason to visit one of our amazing massage therapists!

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