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When Is Being Sore Not a Good Sign?

We all have friends who love the feeling of sore muscles that result from a challenging and strenuous workout. Usually this feeling is delayed onset muscle soreness that results from the breakdown and rebuilding of muscles that occurs during exercise. This type of soreness typically isn’t something a person needs to worry about, although it is a great reason to visit one of our amazing massage therapists!

While the muscle soreness you experience the day after a workout isn’t a problem, being sore isn’t always a good thing. Sometimes the stiffness you experience isn’t healthy muscle fatigue, but rather an issue that needs attention. Not sure if you’re sore as a result of yesterday’s grueling workout, or if you’re injured?

If you are having difficulty completing daily tasks, or doing so is unusually painful, this is not a good sign! The muscle soreness that occurs naturally after strenuous activity should not prevent you from accomplishing your typical daily tasks or other activities that you enjoy. Pain that lasts longer than a couple days, or worsens, is another cause for concern.

Signs that you may have sustained an injury, include the inability to use, or move, the injured body part due to severe pain or obvious weakness. If you’re in pain while you’re at rest, or if there is swelling, heat, redness or bruising in the area that is sore, you should seek the assistance of a healthcare professional immediately. Please give us a call; we can help to speed your recovery, prevent further injury and get you back living and playing pain-free.