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Brenda Lee, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Growing up on a farm piqued Brenda Lee’s interest in science, especially the inner workings of the body. At age 18, she decided to translate her fascination with anatomy into a career in health care and enrolled in a massage therapy program. “I was lucky and picked right the first time,” she says, “I fell in love with the field, the more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn.” For Brenda, “school was like reading a good book that you never want to put down.” In 2006, she graduated from MacEwan University with 2,200 hours (the top level of training in the province).

Early in her career, Brenda Lee focused on traditional deep pressure massage, like sports enhancement and rehabilitation. As time wore on, she developed an appreciation for lighter pressure techniques and pursued training in craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation. “I wanted to be able to offer as much as I could to my clients,” she says. “No one needs just one approach all of the time.”

Because our bodies change from day to day, Brenda Lee takes care to assess a patient’s needs at every session, rather than following a rigid treatment plan. “Every treatment is tailored to what you need at the time,” she says. To explain this to clients, she compares massage treatments to maintaining a house: “Sometimes, we only need to deep clean the house; other times, we completely renovate.”

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