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Choosing Where to Get a Massage

Getting a massage can be a simple indulgence or it can be an effective way to relax while managing pain, stress, and discomfort. Deciding between a spa or a physiotherapy clinic truly depends on what you hope to achieve from your massage. Spa treatments primarily focus on external relaxation methods like calming decor, ambient music, and scented massage oils. Spa massages typically use a one-size-fits-all approach that may temporarily reduce pain and tension, but aren’t necessarily part of a long-term rehabilitation strategy.

When you visit the clinic for a massage, your therapist will factor in your current concerns, your medical history, and your massage preferences to plan an appropriate treatment. A therapist at a our clinic can assess if a massage is the appropriate treatment, or if another treatment method would be better suited.

Another great reason to visit the clinic for your massage is that our therapists are familiar with the different modalities of massage therapy, and tailor each patient’s treatment accordingly. The massage given to an elderly client with arthritis is different from the massage given to a competitive athlete with a muscle injury. Furthermore, massage techniques for patients with injuries, clients seeking relaxation, and expectant mothers all require different kinds of care.

What clinics lack in over-the-top spa ambiance, they make up for in specialization and treatment styles that truly make a difference to your long term health and mobility. Contact us to book your massage today.